Where does oil come from?

Its been said many times that we are running out of oil. That in ten years we’ll run dry and society will cease to function unless we find some new energy source.

Well those ten years have come and passed many times and we still continue to pump oil from the ground. The problem with this alarmist theory is that we honestly don’t know where oil comes from.

Sure, the popular theory that oil is a result of organic material decomposing under pressure for millions of years sounds feasible, but the odds of this organic material all collecting on the same location and decomposing is rather slim. I wouldn’t bet on those odds.

No, my belief is that oil is a byproduct of the heat and pressure at the Earth’s core. The Russians have used this theory since the 1950s and started drilling deep for oil and they’ve found it where it shouldn’t be. Too deep to be of organic origins.

So what does this mean? If oil isn’t of organic origins, but a byproduct of activity at the Earth’s core, that means we have a much larger supply of oil that we know what to do with. We just need to drill deeper.

But how deep is too deep? Where does the ROI increase the price of oil too much that it no longer becomes a feasible energy source? These are answers we can’t answer now, or anywhere in the near future, because we have no idea how much oil is down there.

What this means is that we need to start finding alternative energy sources now. We can not invent and prefect a new energy source at the same time. This take times, first comes the invention, then years of trials to make it a feasible and reliable energy source.

I see this as where we as a people are failing. We have politicians trying to end our oil dependency prematurely, and theres not a viable alternative yet. Sure solar, wind, and geothermal are available, but their output is just a fraction of our needs, and they can never really be a replacement for oil-based energy production, simply a supplement to it. Just as Ethanol is a short-term and short-sighted replacement for gasoline and diesel as motor fuels.

G. Grant Lowrance
Parrilla Energy

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