New Tower Designs

Over the course of the past few months we have made a major technological breakthrough in the efficiency and output of solar updraft towers. At this point I hesitate to call the new towers “solar updraft” anymore. I think a better name would be a solar thermal tower.

We’ve reduced the overall tower height to 600 feet, and the diameter to 500 feet, yet we can move over 14 million cubic feet of air per second up the tower with wind speeds of over 40 miles per hour.

Our “greenhouse” is now used solely to remove turbulence in the incoming air stream and optimizing its angle of attack in relationship to our turbine blades.

These new designs will allow us to produce 30MW from a small tower using under 20 acres of land and nearly 100MW from our flagship quad-tower design using 40 acres of land.

This is a significant reduction in size compared to the proposed towers that are thousands of feet tall with greenhouses that cover thousands of acres.

I believe that the proposed size of the outdated tower designs have been the major hindrance in bringing this technology to market. Building a tower a few thousand feet tall requires special (read very expensive) engineering and equipment. Our new tower design can be built using standard methods requiring no specialized engineering.

We are currently working on a new design that will allow our towers to top out at 300 feet with the same outputs stated above.

Innovation is what will set us apart from other renewable energy companies pursuing similar technologies. Further innovation is needed to bring this 40 year old technology to the forefront of green energy, but our current improvements are bring us closer to a marketable utility-scale output than ever before.

We will be posting new information on the website soon.

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